Lions at SpringwoodI have been working in clubs and pubs for 20 years. At first when Edge Music was presented to me I was hesitant to go for a system I had not heard of before. After trailing other music systems and finding they could not deliver on our requirements for the Club we decided to go for Edge Music. Our decision was based on price, technical support, music video library, ease of use and features.

Edge Music is much more advanced than anything I have seen in my years working in hospitality. It does just about everything you need from the one system. We are especially happy knowing that at any time we can make the call to Visual Sounds and someone will log directly into out Edge Music system to fix any issues we may come across, can change the play list on the fly or even quickly load a promotion to play on our screens. I highly recommend that everyone in hospitality get on board with Edge Music. 

Yours faithfully,
Paul McGuire
General Manager
LIONS @ Springwood
Edge Music delivers everything it promises and is an easy to set up and easy to use music system that allows my DJ’s to quickly and easily construct the audio and video music programming that my Under 18’s market want to hear.
Their service is great and they truly understand my business and are very supportive with any questions I might have or any technical support that may be needed with upgrades or set up issues.  
Kind regards,
Teena Wöbcke

Robin Hood HotelThe team at Visual Sounds are true professionals and really make our job so much easier. Not having a huge technical background it is great to have such support and work with a team that is both flexible and accommodating.

We really appreciate the high standard that you and the team hold yourselves too. The Edge Music is extremely versatile and has been able to accommodate all of our audio visual requests. A great marketing tool for our Hotel.
Fiona Hutchins
Sales and Marketing Manager
To whom it may concern
Sunset Superbowl
Our company has been with Visual Sounds for many years and have always been very pleased with their product and service…….but…
That all changed when we opted for the new Edge Music System.
It’s BRILLIANT!  Just like having your Sanity Music at your fingertips.
Browse, Download, Save and Play songs or clips from a choice of tens of thousands of titles.
We can add our own Jingles and Adverts for “In House” Promo’s and use our own “on screen” graphics for maximum impact.
In the unlikely event of a system error it’s fixed remotely with virtually no down time at all.
Best thing I ever did for our In-Centre music, entertainment and marketing!
Mark Smith
"Visual Sounds always provides excellent service, a great source of dance music for DJs & the best music selection to satisfy all entertainment needs." 
Kind regards,
Janeen Temple


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