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In order to play any form of music in your venue, you are obliged to pay licensing fees that will cover your venue for the broadcast of music or sound recordings in a public performance environment. Public performance is the playing of a sound recording or the exhibition of a music video in public (i.e. a non-domestic environment). This includes on-hold telephone music.

Visual Sounds PPCA Compliant Music

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Visual Sounds has negotiated with local and international record labels for the right to collect and distribute public performance royalties for sound recordings and music videos on their behalf.
Visual Sounds now has a Public Performance Compliant (PPC) music package for restaurant, cafe and designated dining areas. This service offers the option for clients to pay a flat annual fee (collected by Visual Sounds), with 100% of this public performance income distributed directly to participating record labels.

Licensing fees are payable by venues regardless of the type of music played

The minute your venue or business plays CDs, vinyl, cassettes, or music videos, you become eligible to pay licensing fees. Licensing bodies are active in your marketplace.
Below are the different options available for licensing venues and businesses that broadcast music.
works to ensure that composers, songwriters and publishers are rewarded whenever, and wherever, their musical works are played, performed or reproduced.
Grants licenses for the broadcast and public performance of the recording and distributes to record labels, recording artists or the copyright holder.

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