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Control Your Environment, Your Ambience, Your Demographics & Ultimately, Your Profit!

Edge Music is an automated business music & messaging system. Edge Music allows you to quickly & easily construct the Audio & Video programming your customers want to hear. Enjoy complete control over your audio/video environment. Program and play CD quality songs & DVD quality video clips in custom lists that you create. Change music for different times of the day to entertain various customer groups. Inform with advertising and informational messages, effectively creating an “in house” radio/TV station. Your System has three components: the Edge Music hardware unit, Soundware player software and music programming provided by Visual Sounds. Load your own personalized announcements and you have everything you need!
This system is the answer to the music and messaging needs of your retail store, hospitality business, activity centre, office, factory, public venue or DJ operation. It provides ease of use plus complete control of your Audio/Video environment, leading to increased revenue and increased profits.


The Edge Music hardware unit is a stand alone unit housing a full music library with your music automation software. Combine it with a touch screen interface, connect the audio outputs directly into you sound system, plug the video output to your TVs and fire it up. Installation is that easy.
It’s a high performance component designed for reliable performance & long life in demanding conditions. When your system is connected to a high speed internet connection, you’ll have instant access to immediate downloads from our massive music library (100,000 songs). Edge Music audio components are studio quality and video clips are HD DIVX (DVD Quality) providing you the best available sound & vision. The standard unit can access over 12,000 music video clips & 100,000 audio tracks. Add new music to the system monthly with the DVD-Rom drive, which provides the ability to load messages, sound effects & software upgrades.


Edge Music 4 zone overview

System options include three different zone configurations, with a single box able to play up to 4 different programs in multiple areas of your facility. There’s also a DJ system option that provides for manual music playback.




You’re not alone. Visual Sounds talented support team is there to assist you in maximizing the investment in your Edge Music unit. Your business depends on reliable service, so we can offer an overnight exchange program to keep the music playing in case of a system malfunction. To sum it up, Edge Music units provide quality entertainment on a very reliable platform.


Your Edge Music system comes ready to use with Soundware playback software. This reliable & stable application has been installed in over 6000 locations worldwide since 1999. The attractive, simple user interface allows you to play or schedule music and change the mood automatically at any time of the day you choose.
Edge Music can also harness the power of in-house marketing. Load you own custom messages and set them to play at intervals between songs. Even better, combine both music & messaging with the systems powerful scheduler feature, providing limitless control on automatic control playback. Alternatively the “DJ” function allows you to flip a switch for fully manual playback, with two or four zone model, different programs can play in multiple rooms, all from a single Edge Music unit. You can even use a channel to manage your telephone systems on hold programming.
Find any song quickly & easily with a range of search parameters, using the Edge Music search function. If you’re on a high speed connection, you’ll even see matching songs displayed which are available for instant download from our music servers.
You’ll receive a monthly update disc providing you with new music & software upgrades. Just pop it in and press a button. This intelligent music update function will load just the songs that fit your needs. The custom screen saver module provides the opportunities to load images into the system.
Access to one or more system functions can be restricted to maintain the integrity of your programming & settings. Customers with remote locations can send operating instructions to one or more Edge Music units, allowing changes to virtually any system programming within minutes.
This facility can also be used to send new advertising messages and schedule the playback. This provides an ideal way to implement your marketing solutions in real time from any location.
The Edge Music software suite is the most technologically advanced system of its kind, designed with flexibility and ease of use as its core requirements.


Leverage your Edge Music hardware & software to the max with Visual Sounds content solutions. Visual Sounds understands music programming. We have been providing both new & classic music for radio programmers, DJ’s, Jukebox Operators, Retail & other music professionals since 1980.
You’ll have the availability of over 100,000 titles to choose from at CD Quality. Each song is classified in one or more of over 250 pre-set categories, based on music style, theme & mood.
With all the available music, you still have the power to choose exactly what’s right for you and your business. Use our categories or combine and edit multiple genres to create your perfect playlist. Then save your creation as a user list & recall it at anytime in the future. Best of all, you can create an unlimited number of your playlists for every occasion.


Your Edge Music unit will come pre-loaded with songs or categories you specify, based on your choices or demographics. Then you’ll choose from a number of cost effective subscriptions levels to get only the number of songs you need. Once your system is operating, you’ll have complete control over music programming and song sequence. The system even allows you to delete a song immediately if it doesn’t meet your requirements.


You’ll enjoy seamless mixing at consistent volume levels with an automatic crossfade feature. A sound effect library is included for the DJ & hospitality venues, with an entire range of upgrades available.


The system automatically backs up your music information online, including songlists, categories & user lists. This makes recreating your personalized programming a snap, either for an emergency or to “clone” your music image for another location.


Visual Sounds has secured for you, the rights to use all provided content with each and every system, providing you with a 100% legal playback solution.
With your Edge Music system, Visual Sounds can provide all the music programming tools you’ll need to maximize your investment.


Edge Music video units provide the ultimate entertainment & information resource for your business. Edge Music harnesses the massive visual impact of music videos, karaoke tracks & full motion digital signage. This gives you the power to inject excitement and innovation into your environment, presenting unlimited opportunities.
Do you want to improve your overall entertainment offering or enhance your in-store experience? Whichever you’re after , Edge Music is the best available platform for you. Edge Music will maximize your customer experience while streamlining your entertainment and informational playback. Imagine the ability to display music videos & full motion advertising, as well as to play hit music & karaoke and all from a single unit.
Edge Music can help your establishment benefit by using music & video as tools in your branding strategy. Music video has become just as popular as the songs themselves because of the emergence of personal technologies, including digital markets online through Mobile devices. Now it’s your turn to benefit from DVD quality music videos of classic songs and the hottest new selections that will elevate your customer experience to new heights.
Karaoke with the Edge Music computer system


According to BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated), Karaoke is a $10 Billion worldwide industry. Leverage the popularity of the “Idol” craze by hosting singing competitions in your venue on off peak nights. Karaoke is a popular form of entertainment with all ages and it allows your customers to shine in the Lime Light! The interactivity that karaoke generates will keep your customers staying longer & returning more often.


Edge Music gives you the ability to showcase your brand with the fastest growing advertising medium, in-house digital signage. Impact your customers at the best possible time, the point of purchase! Create synergy by integrating customer communications with Edge Music into your total marketing plan.


Remotely control chain-wide content from your corporate headquarters or give locations the flexibility to implement communications appropriate for their regional demographics. Cost effective Edge Music units represent the most comprehensive multimedia solutions for your retail business or hospitality venue.


Benefit from the wide range of messaging features built into your Edge Music system. Video units can play back both looped and scheduled still images or full motion digital signage. Make changes to your advertisements and marketing messaging in almost real time from virtually anywhere, and display the messages you want, when you want, with the supporting media you want.


Boost sales by raising product and promotion awareness, increasing per item transaction levels and utilizing the power of suggestive selling. You can even create an additional revenue source by selling advertising space to your suppliers or to non-competing local business.
Cut overheads by eliminating costly print media, long turn-around times, short lived point of purchase material & marketing materials storage. Improve your customer experience by shortening wait time perceptions and by adding high-tech, aesthetically pleasing displays to you your environment. Plus Edge Music provides all the music and control you need to have the right musical signature for your brand. You can even create themed program schedules using music videos and visual ads to get the perfect content mix needed for your customer demographic.


For hospitality brands, entertainment is a vital part of your business so why not add the ultimate in innovation? Restaurants, hotels & bars all require music to establish atmosphere and leave a positive impression on customers. Adding a digital signage component to your music system will repay your investment many times over. Use digital signage to feature menu items and promote upcoming events with the same Edge Music unit you use to stream music programming in up to four different locations. Music, music video, karaoke programming and marketing messaging are among your options.
Marketing message
Promote upcoming events








In today’s competitive retail environment, it is critical to stand out and make a memorable impact on customers. Edge Music can help your business achieve an advantage using branded music, messaging and video. Edge Music enables the creation of an in-house television network to entertain and inform customers about your products and promotions.


The time frame before a customer’s purchase is when they are most receptive to buy. According to an Arbitron retail media study 29% or (1 in 3) Customers made an unplanned purchase after seeing a product presented on video. In addition to promoting products you could also enhance your retail environment by streaming music video of artists that are complimentary to your demographic. This unique and positive customer experience will be linked to your brand.


Edge Music is the answer for any DJ who wants a total digital solution without the work and legal issues surrounding music transfers. The intuitive on-screen DJ interface has all the features you’re used to, including play/pause/cue, track selection, search, loop, time display and pitch control. It also has a unique fade in/fade out feature and song position selector. This interface can be upgraded with an outboard DJ controller providing “hands on” control.
New DJs or multi-unit operators can start or add systems without a large cash outlay. You’ll have access to over 100,000 CD Quality titles to build your initial library.
Visual Sounds will then keep you fresh and current with access to the best new releases in all genres fortnightly chosen by key radio programmers. Everything is fully cross categorized and you can search for songs on multiple parameters.
Hook up to a high speed internet connection and you’ll have access to our full library to download additional songs and special requests, even at the gig.
Edge Music in DJ mode
A basic sound effects library is included, with more available as you need them.
You have complete control over song playback and sequencing. Create playlists or sets then save them for future recall, or send the set information to multiple remote systems.
Multi unit operators will enjoy the control they’ll have over their systems. You can determine which music libraries or sets you want at every DJ’s disposal. Plus each Edge Music system will record a log of all the music played. Use this to critique new DJ’s or to provide the ultimate customer support to you and have confidence in your playlist and media integrity for every system you have.
Finally, Edge Music can present any DJ operator with additional business opportunities. Use the Edge Music to boost your service offering and offer a range of music delivery and programming options, to bars, restaurants, hotels or banquet facilities. Better still, use Edge Music as leverage to get more gigs by providing a complete solution – both system and playlist programming services to the host venue, Edge Music is the answer for your smooth transition to carefree digital DJing.


Pump up the volume… and excitement with a Edge Music unit for your fitness club, bowling centre, roller rink or amusement park. Your clientele will appreciate a more engaging entertainment experience and will reward you with increased patronage, adding to your bottom line. Does your bowling centre have senior’s leagues on Wednesday afternoons? Cosmic bowling on Friday nights? You’ve got the opportunity to present the perfect music for each and every occasion from the over 100,000 titles you can choose from all styles.
You have the ability to program differing music or announcements for different locations within your site. Rock on in the weights room, have hard driving dance music for aerobics classes and enjoy soft pop music in the lobby. There’s a channel left over on your 4-2 zone Edge Music to produce programming for the on hold feature on you telephone system. Tell potential customers about your events, promotions or memberships and your Edge Music system will pay for itself many times over.
If you have a DJ at peak times, flip the DJ Mode switch and they’re ready to go, complete with the same fully stocked music library you use at other times of the week. Set safety announcements to play automatically, or promote upcoming events using the powerful promo & scheduling features. Edge Music really is the ultimate in flexibility and control in entertainment and media delivery.
Keeping you clientele in your location longer and increasing awareness of special promotions will mean increased profit for your business. Installing a powerful delivery system like Edge Music can work that magic for you.


There are lots of colorful skins included
Lots of colorful skins


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