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Visual Sounds is Australia's longest established Music Video Company EST 1980.  Licenced with all the major record companies. Suppliers of music DVD's,Video CD's  and Audio CD’s for public performance to nightclubs, hotels, cafes, gyms, retail shops and restaurants throughout Australia.

We produce custom programs for some of Australia's largest companies. Custom programmes are for clients that want specific styles for their clientele with their own identity.



Visual Sounds supports Music Matters

Supporters of Music Matters

The Music Matters campaign aims to get music fans thinking about the significance of the music they listen to and how it affects each and everyone of us. It is easy to forget that behind each song is a team of dedicated professionals who help bring everything to fruition.
Once an artist has written a song there is then a long process before we can listen to the finished product. This process takes a lot of time and skill from not only the artists themselves, but from their music producers, engineers, instrument technicians etc - without the paid expertise of these people, it would be hard to realise an artist's vision.
The Music Matters campaign shines a light on all of these people and hopes to remind everyone who loves music to support them by accessing music from licensed sites. 

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Visual Sounds
Unit 4/50 Topham Rd
Smeaton Grange NSW 2567
P: 02 4647 2311
F: 02 4648 0566

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