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Edge Music

A whole new world awaits you! Check out the "Edge Music" for music, video and advertising. The next revolution of Music + Marketing systems for venues. The system with four separate video zones. With "Edge Music" you'll have more power over your tv screens and more controle over your music. Contact us to find out about joining the revolution!


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Edge Music

Edge Music system

The EDGE MUSIC system is the #1 DJ System, 6000 Users Worldwide, Access to over 100,000 Tracks Via High Speed Internet, 4 Zone System, 100% Legal Karaoke From Sunfly Karaoke, DIVX Video Clips. See What All The Fuss Is About?



Touch Juke

Touch Juke Jukebox Screen

Slender, powerful and compact. The TOUCH JUKE Jukebox HD gives you direct contact to the latest and best songs and videos of music history that spans over the last century - an incredible music library and the latest music update is always daily available.



Brand New Discs Available Now!!

257 Low Res

This is an audio only program based on ARIA Top 40 highest charting tracks for that month released monthly. This disk consists of Dance, Pop, Urban, Rock, Ballads and Country music.



Brand New Dvds Available Now!!

HR3 Low Res

Top 40 Video CD also available in DVD format released monthly. Based on ARIA Top 40 highest charting tracks for that month. This disk consists of Dance, Pop, Urban, Rock, Ballads and Country music.




Kool Country Vol.KC20 ARTIST TITLE
01.  Adam Harvey Genie In A Bottle
02.  Sally Singleton Tomorrow
03.  Kellie Pickler ft Taylor Swift Best Days Of Your Life
04.  Travis Collins Full Tank
05.  Steve Ford Aussie Philosophy
06.  Sugarland Settlin
07.  Shedaisy I'm Taking The Wheel
08.  Keith Urban Kiss A Girl
09.  Bob Dylan Beyond Here Lies Nothing
10.  Alison Krauss Find My Way Back To My Heart
11.  Bruce Springsteen Working On A Dream
12.  Trace Adkins Swing
13.  Shelley Harland Wonder
14.  Keith Urban Sweet Thing
15.  Shea Fisher Suitcase
16.  Merle Haggard Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
17.  Taylor Swift Tim McGraw
18.  Rascal Flatts Here Comes Goodbye


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